Newsletter | January 2017


Dear Colleagues,

In 2016, “president” seemed to be an extremely popular term, even for an election year.  The National race spawned an unconventional run and our very own AIA National president sent an endorsement on the behalf of our national community to the president-elect.  So, I as I sit in my new “presidential” role I am reminded of the Architect’s true responsibility.  The Executive Committee and I thought a reminder was necessary.

We are the protectors/stewards of the built environment.  We oversee its function, its safety, its beauty and its sustainability.  If we do it right, the effort transcends political structures and leans towards no party.  The built environment should work independent of political party because we do not design to sway the populace rather we design to protect and facilitate the populace.  Yes, we can design a house for the policy to be created under; and we are bound by policy; but we should not let the policy govern the environment we create because in most cases it outlasts the policy.

I thank you for this opportunity to serve; I am looking forward to this year.


Rene Melendez AIA

AIA El Paso Chapter