Newsletter | November 2017

Dear Colleagues,

State convention has come and gone.  El Paso represented itself well.  We were identified by the TxA President as a Chapter that has made better efforts in our contribution to TAC than most of the big cities in Texas; and we also hit our mark for those from AIA El Paso attending the convention.  Thank you for your efforts!

Although much un-natural disaster has challenged the built environment and infrastructure; the presenting Architects and Architect Advocates at the convention where confident that those who would provide the best solutions for our future are Architects.  Our combination of creativity, passion and knowledge of the build environment puts at the forefront.  So, we must educate the youth, bring awareness to those who can impact change, and set up our buildings to provide for the future.

Our city is growing and our economy is consistently on the rise where economist have said we should have flattened out by now.  We currently have opportunity upon us.  We must use that opportunity to bring solutions to our fevered world.  Keep doing your best and continue to set an example rather than follow the example.

May you get rest this holiday season because we need you at your best in 2018,

Rene Melendez AIA

AIA El Paso - President