Newsletter | February 2017

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Dear Colleagues,

It seems this month’s word is Advocacy.  I’d like to thank Tommy Razloznik, Bruno Vasquez, Hector De Santiago and Fred Dalbin for attending Advocates for Architects Day on February 7th in Austin.  Shout out to Morris Brown as a lithograph of his sketches were distributed by all Architect leaders, as gift, to all House Representatives throughout the state.  Mr. Brown conveys that art and expression can transcend the desert southwest and impact our state as a whole.

Point of conversation with state reps was: limiting Shotgun lawsuits by Owners by establishing “right to repair” clauses in contracts of Architects and Contractors; efforts to reduce the Statute of Repose from 10 years to first 5 years of operation of a building; opposing any bill which suggests a Sales Tax on Architectural Services; and opposition to any weakening of Qualification-Based selection processes as they still are the most transparent processes available to the profession.

Bruno Vasquez and I will march on the capital at National Grassroots on March 8 thru the 10th. And your local Executive Committee and Advocacy Committee are reaching out to local public entities to make them aware of the many valuable services that we Architects provide.  Please help us join the fight buy signing up for our Chapter Committees.  More awareness leads to the longevity of our profession.  Please help.


Rene Melendez AIA
AIA El Paso Chapter