Newsletter | April 2017

Dear Colleagues,


This month we were visiting by the entire board of the Texas Society of Architects(TxA).  They have a sincere desire to get El Paso more involved in the definition of a Texas Architect.  National has also asked all states to make sure each and every chapter has a voice.  Now is our time to let the state know what it means to be an El Paso Architect.  They were impressed with our city, had nothing but nice things to say, and they are thankful that the El Paso Chapter is organized and represents itself well.


Many of us now and for several years have been intermingling with large out of town firms.  Maintaining our local identity is important now more than ever.  We pride ourselves on being hard workers, well rounded and have abilities to solve problems most other architects can’t.  We are never given budgets with much wiggle room nor is our community one that we can specialize on just one thing.  We are true architect’s because we can bring solutions at many scales; humble enough to solve small problems but skilled enough to solve large problems.  Please make sure the out of town firms and public entities never forget that.




Rene Melendez AIA

AIA El Paso Chapter