Newsletter | May 2017

Dear Colleagues,

As you may know this year’s state convention is in Austin, from November 9 -11th.  Same as last year, the state will return 50% of the registration revenue to chapters that meet the minimum number of attendees for the convention.  This year’s number is 20.  All we need is 21 AIA El Paso members to attend the convention.  When the event was held in Austin in 2012, 20 chapter architects attended so they are only asking for one addition architect and the revenue gets returned.

The web site for registration should be up July 26th but you can make hotel reservations currently.  If you are on the bubble, please remember that the convention center is within staggering distance from 6th street.  Please make plans to attend a state event that rivals national and helps benefit your chapter as well.


Rene Melendez AIA

AIA El Paso Chapter