Newsletter | July 2017

Dear Colleagues,

The cookies tracking me on my computer have asked me if I would be interested in signing up for Frank Gehry’s MasterClass; which intends to further my knowledge of Design, Architecture, and Movement. (  Although it seems like I am making a shameless plug, I do not think I will sign up for the class as my buildings will never move as much as his.  I mention Mr. Gehry because if you have not seen his add, it does mention some important points that he has learned on his journey.

…if you know what you’re doing in advance, then you won’t do it…

…the majority of the buildings built in our society are only for economies and not for humanities.

Within the constraints of any project he identifies that he only has 15% freedom to create art within a building.  In El Paso I’d guess we are down to 5%.

Gehry asks, “Whatever you do, promise me that every project you make or design, you’ll take the risk of doing something for humanity.”

In the prosperity of the projects we have right now, please challenge yourselves to reduce the impact of your structures and increase their sustainability.


Rene Melendez AIA

AIA El Paso Chapter