The Texas Society of Architects maintains an active government relations program to promote the interests of its membership. Through the Texas Architects Committee (TAC), an unincorporated political action organization allowed under Section 527 of the IRS Code, the Society raises funds for contributions to candidates running for public office. The profession’s only state PAC supports those who demonstrate leadership, responsiveness, good judgment and a willingness to work with architects advocating for safe, beautiful, sustainable environments. It’s the only legal way we, as a professional organization, can participate in the political process and ensure the election of state officials who will support our professional interests.

TAC funds assist TxA in our efforts to provide the Architect’s practice laws in place in the Texas Legislature.  These Laws/Acts are addressed every other year when the Legislature addresses new legislation. At the link below there is a recap to this year’s legislature results regarding the practice of architecture.  TxA’s efforts were successful in some important areas of our Practice while some other measures failed this past year.. This is but a few examples of what TAC does for the licensed professionals in the State.  

Join us today in making a contribution to TAC to assist in their work this year protecting our profession! Please contact Tommy Razloznik for assistance in making your contribution or with any questions you might have.

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Tommy J. Razloznik, AIA, CNU-A
TAC Advisory Trustee - El Paso Chapter