Who We Are

AIA El Paso is one of 17 American Institute of Architect chapters in the state of Texas. Serving all of the Counties from the Pecos river to the Rio Grande and up to the border of New Mexico. The chapter serves the professional needs of more than 70 architects, associates and affiliate professionals working in fields allied to architecture in the following counties: El Paso, Hudspeth, Culberson, Jeff Davis, Presidio, Brewster, Terrell, Pecos, Reeves, Ward, Winkler and Lovin. AIA El Paso is a professional association incorporated as a 501(c)(6) not-for-profit corporation under the laws of the state of Texas.

Mission Statement

"The American Institute of Architects is the voice of the architectural profession and the resource for its members in service to society."

Strategic Action Plan


  • Increase Membership by 10% every 2 years

    • Including Licensed Architects (10%)

    • Associates (10%)

    • Affiliates (10%)

  • Become a Staffed Organization with a Full Time Director

  • Be the Voice for Governmental Design and Planning Affairs in the El Paso & West Texas region.

AIA Code of Ethics

Members of The American Institute of Architects are dedicated to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and competence. This Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct states guidelines for the conduct of Members in fulfilling those obligations. The Code is arranged in three tiers of statements: Canons, Ethical Standards, and Rules of Conduct:

  • Canons are broad principles of conduct.

  • Ethical Standards (E.S.) are more specific goals toward which Members should aspire in professional performance and behavior.

  • Rules of Conduct (Rule) are mandatory; violation of a Rule is grounds for disciplinary action by the Institute.

  • Rules of Conduct, in some instances, implement more than one Canon or Ethical Standard.

The Code applies to the professional activities of all classes of Members, wherever they occur. It addresses responsibilities to the public, which the profession serves and enriches; to the clients and users of architecture and in the building industries, who help to shape the built environment; and to the art and science of architecture, that continuum of knowledge and creation which is the heritage and legacy of the profession.

The complete Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct is available at the national AIA website. Download PDF.

AIA Antitrust Compliance Guidelines

It is the practice of the American Institute of Architects and its members to comply strictly with all laws, including federal and state antitrust laws, that apply to AIA operations and activities. Compliance with the letter and spirit of the antitrust laws is an important goal of the AIA, and is essential to maintaining the Institute's reputation for the highest standards of ethical conduct.


1. Civil rights

The AIA Supports the promotion of human and civil rights, the universal respect for human dignity, and the unbiased treatment of all persons in employment, civic, and business transactions.

Embracing a culture of equity, all programs and initiatives of the AIA and its members shall reflect the society that we serve, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, physical abilities, or religious practices.

2. Diversity

The American Institute of Architects, as part of the global community, champions a culture of equity, diversity, and inclusion within the profession of architecture to create a better environment for all. Achieving this vision has a direct impact on the relevance of our profession and the world's prosperity, health, and future.